People’s Beauty Taste Awards

Find the winners reflecting people’s taste in beauty.

    Why we provide the report

    We present this report to provide AI-curated data trend insight into the fast-moving beauty industry. The 2021 US Beauty Taste Trend Report is a result of our beliefs that products and brands should be evaluated by the opinions of actual users. By making AI learn from opinions from user reviews and beauty-related social data, we strove to create a representative and unbiased "true beauty taste award."

    How our beauty taste award is different

    Based on data, our award categories reflect issues that are highly relevant to the year 2021, such as “social media aesthetics,” “clean ingredients,” and “minimalistic skincare,” as well as trends recurring during holidays and shopping seasons like “summer vacation” and “Christmas.”

    What’s included in the report

    - Top ranking cosmetic products in 23 beauty trend categories
    - Top ranking makeup brands in 7 beauty taste categories
    - Profile analysis of top 3 makeup brands
    - Beauty trend insights by different skin types
    - Beauty trend insights by different age groups

    Top ranking cosmetic products and makeup brands

    The report shows top ranking cosmetic products and makeup brands which reflect “beauty taste” trends from 2021.

    Profile analysis of top ranking makeup brands

    No.1 brand shows a product category focused primarily on eye (49%) and face (29%) makeup products.​

    From top 10 beauty tastes associated with this brand we can find that the No.1 brand is acknowledged as an affordable brand which is still recommendable for effects.​

    The No.1 makeup brand shows strength in satisfying beauty people with makeup style and how others react.

    How the award winners are determined

    Award winners were determined through the usage of context aware taste rankings modeled using semantic and syntactic analysis on key expressions found in actual user responses. The data-driven and expressive nature of our beauty tastes allow Glamai to curate unbiased rankings for unique and niche preferences for our users. We select award winners based solely on Glamai Taste rankings in order to prohibit rankings to be hinged by expert opinions. Tastes and award categories were mapped using covariance and relevancy measures. Product and brand winners were evaluated using taste scores on top ranking products. Tastes scores are normalized and visualized for better comprehensibility.

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