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We all want to be beautiful in our own ways. Discover all the best and latest in beauty with Glamai Beauty Taste Ranking, and use it to perfect your own version of beauty.


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Glamai was founded by an ex-Beauty Brand Manager who felt it impossible to keep up with the flood of information in beauty industry. Today, we’re on a mission to build the world’s largest beauty database, curated in real-time with Artificial Intelligence.

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Meet Marty,
The AI from Mars for Beauty

Marty(Mars + Beauty) is our beauty influencer from Mars, whose mission is to discover every searchable beauty information on Earth and put them into “keytalks” and real-time rankings.

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Ultimately, Glamai’s mission is to help you discover the best beauty products curated for your unique needs and wants. Beauty shopping made easier with Glamai, that’s our vision of beauty technology!

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